CEILING RAFTS & WALL CLADDING PANELS….All manufacturing of ceiling and wall panels takes place at our workshop using our advanced CNC technology. If specified we can pre-drill discreet fixing locations in panels or reverse gravity fix & in addition provide supporting frameworks whether that be CNC’d structural grade ply formwork or uni-strut. We can programme the software to drill holes or cut outs with perimeter seen edges for acoustics purposes or decorative design effects and then treat with chosen spray coatings whether that be for durability, fire protection or sustainability. Panel’s can also be pre drilled for services as per Architect’s specifications & schematics. The panels are carefully transported to site and finally installed by our highly skilled joiners. As we can laminate & veneer our panels in house then it provides us with better consistency of finish, wood grain effect or or where specified panel finish and configurations can vary to suit the designer’s concept.